Basic environmental course

About the course:

Through this environmental course on the web, the participant gains basic knowledge to understand and manage their own environmental impact, but also to be able to question and influence the company’s environmental impact. The participant will have the corresponding knowledge required for an employee in a company with management system according to ISO 14001.

Who is this web education for?

This training is for you who need basic knowledge of the environment. Whether you are an employee, manager or have a different role that in some way affects the environment, this training is right for you. You can prevent other tasks from being affected, since you plan where and when the training is to be carried out. We also recommend web training as an alternative to companies that need to send many employees to training, but are not able to make use of ”open” courses.

Previous knowledge:

No prior knowledge of this web training is required.

From the education program:

  • Environmental history– Impact through the ages and important years in the history of the environment.
  • Environmental problems – Ecosystems, greenhouse effect and resource consumption
  • Sustainable deveopment– Waste as a resource, global sustainability goals.
  • Environmental work in Sweden – Sweden’s environmental quality goal, the environment in Sweden, you as an individual.
  • The company’s environmental work – Basic legislation, the benefits of environmental work-, environmental management.

Only three quick steps to interactive and useful learning:

  • Contact us by phone, email or click ”Contact us”
  • Send us the participant’s name, surname, e-mail and company details.
  • We sends an invitation to the course by e-mail and immediately after the completed course, the participant receives its course certificate in the education portal!

Time: approx. 2 hours

Price: 690 kr ex. VAT. / licens
A discount is added when you purchase more than 10 licenses.

This education is also available as a companycustomized web education.